Indian and Mexican workshops

Held at my house in Mailhac, my cookery classes are informal, affordable and fun! Prices start at just €30 and the best part - we all sit together and eat what we have made.

Classes are small and informal and last 3.5 - 4 hours. My workshops are very hands on so do come prepared!

cook with me....

Join me for a few fun hours learning how to make authentic Indian dishes. Learn how to make dishes such as Indian breads from scratch, crispy pakoras, spicy dals, fluffy rice and flavourful curries. Learn how to make your own spice blend by toasting and grinding spices. I regularly hold Indian classes for Vegetarians, Vegans and meat eaters
Some of the dishes we can make -
garlic and coriander naan - chapattis - parathas - onion pakoras - vegetable samosas - chicken tikka masala - easy chicken curry - channa dal - vegetable curry - tamarind potatoes - lemon rice - coriander chicken thighs
Vibrant, spicy and fun, Mexican is the perfect party food. In this class we will make dishes such as a variety of salsas, tacos, quesadillas and of course no Mexican would ever be complete without a bowl of fresh guacamole. We will use  ingredients essential to Mexican cuisine - plenty of chillis (dried and fresh), coriander and lime.
Some of the dishes we can make -
Guacamole - Huevos Rancheros - Chipotle lime salsa - Tequila BBQ sauce - Quesadillas - Tacos - refried beans - pork chile verde - enchiladas
here we are - aprons still on - about to eat our Indian dishes
eating what we have made after Indian workshop


This is so much more than a cookery class. Adele is so generous with her information and incredibly adaptable to the group's cooking requests. Plus, you get to eat it all at the end! Thanks Adele for a great class and thanks to all the ladies I shared it with....brilliant! Karen, June 2016

What a brilliant, fun, informal, but informative a.m. with Adele on our Indian cookery class. Learned many tricks, hints..., tips, and to boot we were able to enjoy the spoils of our labour ! Adele thank you, you were great we really enjoyed it !!! Pat, June 2016

Brilliant time had by all lots of laughs and superb food, thanks Adele.Carole, March 2016

What an enjoyable day, great fun in good company - and an excellent meal to follow! Can't wait to attend one of S" Adele's "Indian Feasts" now! Cyndi, Jan 2016

A great day with a group of friends at an Indian cooking class in the the nearby village of Mailhac. Adele has a great business going here and the class and food were excellent. Very much hands-on, and quite the learning curve for me. Indian food is not something I’ve cooked or eaten a lot of, but this was all delicious, and a lot of fun to prepare. Suffice to say, we were very well fed and watered by the time we left. Bize Bytes Dec 15

OMG! It was so much fun learning to make Naan, Dal, Pakoras, homemade curry powder, tomato based chicken curry and lemon ginger rice! Honestly if anyone wants to learn how to make Indian food other than curry, Chillis and Spice is the best way! YUM!! Thanks so much Adele! Next time we shall teach my French friends! X Travel, Eat Repeat, Nov 2015

Spent a wonderful day at Adele and Iain's (Chillis and Spice) today, being instructed in making an Indian meal - pakoras, chicken curry, naan bread, dhal, lemon and ginger rice. Then we ate our handiwork - yummy! IThanks again, Adele and Iain. We really enjoyed it. Christine, Nov 2015

Adele is absolutely fantastic. She talked us through everything, was happy to answer any questions we threw at her, and was very patient when you weren't that great!!! Everyone got involved in preparing the food that we were sharing, but you were still told what was going on. Thoroughly recommend. Jacqueline, Sep 2015

Well worth the money. Hosts were so welcoming and friendly. All explanations clear and help forthcoming when needed. I really enjoyed the whole experience and learned so much. Hope to cook some more with you. Joyce, Sep 2015

This was a wonderful way to spend a few hours, learning to cook new food and then eating it with our host. Adele was very clear in her instructions to us, and the food we ate was amazingly delicious. The setting was friendly, and we all had a great time. Sue, Aug 2015

It was a great cookery demonstration. How to make the various dishes was clear and well organised with notes to take away. The food was delicious and then we sat down and ate together. I came away knowing something new and exciting and looking forward to cooking it, and eating it, in my own home. It was good value for money. Well done and well recommended. Sharon Aug 2015