Come dine with us!

We have always loved cooking and entertaining. Sharing a meal with friends gives us such pleasure, swapping recipes and ideas over a glass of wine is a perfect night for us. We have teamed up with VizEat - the social dining people to offer meals at our house, supperclub style. Social dining basically means friends and strangers get together for a very informal meal at someones house.   At ours you will find yourself all sat at one long table. The dining is family style - very casual. We have witnessed many lasting friendships formed at our dinner table. You do not get a choice of menu, everyone eats the same. We may advise in advance what we are cooking, our we may just say Mexican Fiesta, or American BBQ.  We do gurantee there will be plenty of food, and it will be flavoursome and spicy! 

Indian meal 

my spices

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Sample Menus - just a selection of the dishes we may serve


pani puri

poppadoms & chutneys

onion pakoras

vegetable samosas

beef madras

coriander chicken

chicken tikka masala

vegetable curry

channa dal

lemon rice


pistachio kulfi



a selection of salsas



fish tacos

pulled chicken tacos

vegetable tacos

Tequila lime ribs

re fried beans 

rice and beans

pork chile verde



smoked garlic dip

Hot wings

Spicy prawns 

Pimped up coleslaw

Cowboy beans

Deli style potato salad

BBQ Ribs with house sauce
Mango salsa
​Smoked Pulled pork
Chipotle chicken thighs
Brisket & burnt ends

dal, tamarind potatoes and mini naan

Indian meal



fish tacos 

Mexican aperos

pulled chicken


BBQ Ribs and beans

sticky wings

spicy prawns